About Us

Chow Bella Tableware was founded in 2014 to provide high-quality, beautiful eco friendly cloth napkins and table linens.

“Ciao, bella!” Anyone who has ever visited the beautiful boot known as Italy, is familiar with the phrase. Young men yell it to beautiful young ladies, shopkeepers cheekily say it to female customers (regardless of age), and Hollywood has immortalized it in movies from “La Dolce Vita” to “Roman Holiday.” It means, simply, “hello, beautiful!”

Chow Bella Tableware is so named, because we create table linens that we hope will not only grace your table as you’re chowing down, but will also give a “hello, beautiful” to our precious Mother Earth. Reusable linens are an affordable and thoughtful way to cut down on the paper waste that your home produces each year all while sprucing up your tabletop! Use them at breakfast, lunch, dinner… For entertaining… For everyday… For our planet…

Because dining should be beautiful!

Grazie for visiting our site!