Entertaining Ideas: A Chow Bella Party!

When Chow Bella Tableware entertains, there is plenty of chow… And it is bella! Remember in that last post how we said there had been two projects keeping us busy? The first was the scrap quilt made of remnants from the manufacture of our eco friendly 100% cotton napkins and tableware. The second was a baby shower for a dear friend of Chow Bella! We were able to put a beautiful gold & ivory tablecloth into action on the buffet, in addition to another linen tablecloth at the bar.

The buffet featuring a beautiful gold & linen tablecloth

Tired of the same old “grey & yellow gender-neutral” shower themes, We went for gold, glitter and chalkboards!

The bar, featuring a linen tablecloth & plenty of drinks!

We tried to think of some great drinks to go on top of the beautiful linens & finally settled on a “Laborpagne…” Basically, a bellini with a theme-tastic name!

In addition, there were too many Pinterest projects to name going on at this party! One that we’re especially proud of has nothing to do with linens, but everything to do with ping pong balls, Christmas lights & glitter. Take that “Mr. Man at Home Depot who looked at us like we were crazy!”

Pinterest project sign made from Christmas lights & ping pong balls

Many ping pong balls were harmed in the making of this sign!

Interested in seeing more pics of Chow Bella Tableware‘s  “Hey, Baby” shower? There are plenty posted to our Facebook page & you can get the scoop by clicking here! Let your digits do the strolling over here to our Pinterest page while you’re at it and get inspired!

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