Easter Basket Delights

Are you entertaining for Easter? If so, you might want to send brunch guests home with a Chow Bella Tableware-approved party favor that’s perfect in any Easter basket! You’ll definitely be the “hostess with the mostess” when you whip up a batch or two of this delicious Spring Popcorn recipe.

Spring Popcorn recipe

What bunny wouldn’t want this delicious treat in their Easter basket?

What you need:

  • 2 bags of Orville Redenbachers “Gourmet White” microwave popcorn
  • 1 10 oz bag of ChocoMaker Birthday Cake-flavored candy melts (found at Wal-Mart)
  • 3-4 Tablespoons of Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter
  • 1 bag of spring-colored Peanut M&M’s
  • 1 cup of pink (or, really, any springy color) Wilton’s Candy Melts
  • candy garnishes (such as Peeps!)

How do you do:

  1. Pop your popcorn and allow it to cool slightly, then pour into a large mixing bowl (this is a good time to be sure you don’t get a lot of unpopped kernels in the mix).
  2. Melt the birthday cake-flavored candy melts according to directions on the bag. Just FYI, if you’re doing this in the microwave (and, really, who isn’t?), these candies will hold their shape unless you stir them after heating in 30 second intervals. Keep pressing down on them with a spatula to ensure you’re not burning them.
  3. Stir room temperature cookie butter into the liquefied candy melts and then pour over the slightly cooled popcorn, mixing & coating the popcorn well.
  4. Spread your popcorn & “dressing” mixture out onto wax or parchment paper and distribute the M&M’s evenly throughout.
  5. Melt the candy melts (either in a double boiler or in the microwave), stirring constantly until all are combined. Drizzle the melted candy over the popcorn & M&M’s. Allow to cool so that the “drizzles” don’t become “smears!”
  6. Bag this deliciously addicting popcorn treat up & top with candy garnishes. We happen to think the new Party Cake Peeps look simply adorable sitting atop a popcorn nest!
  7. Chow Down!


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