Like a 100% Cotton Hug

Lately, we’ve been busy at Chow Bella Tableware working on two big projects beyond our usual cotton napkins and table linens. Here’s a little bit of info about the first of those two projects and our continuing focus on going green.

We talk a lot about sustainability and reusing items (such as our 100% cotton napkins) instead of buying new, disposable things (like paper towels). To that end, you might wonder what happens to all of the extra scraps that are left over when we cut the fabric for our line of cotton napkins & table linens. Well, not to worry… Nothing goes to waste! While you use our products at dinnertime tonight, someone else might be wrapping up in a 100% cotton hug. Today, that person happens to be a good friend and her hug looked like this:

A 100% Cotton Hug- The Missing U Quilt

No scrap goes to waste at Chow Bella Tableware!

Do you see a scrap that resembles a set of Chow Bella Tableware’s eco friendly napkins or table decor that you purchased from our Etsy store in this quilt? Since there are 500 different pieces and over 100 individual prints and patterns, it’s entirely likely you’ll recognize something! It’s name is the “Missing U” and the design came from a fantastic book entitled Sunday Morning Quilts by Amanda Jean Nyberg & Cheryl Arkison. As the story goes, Arkison is Canadian and her editor kept having to remove the “u’s” that she was instinctively inserting into words such as “colour” and “favourite.” There’s a white scrap in the midst of each colored block in the quilt that represents the missing “u.” It was an appropriate gift to say “we’ll be missing you,” as our friend leaves a group we’re a part of to begin a new chapter in her life!

We hope she’ll go green outdoors & use this quilt for a fabulous picnic that also includes Chow Bella Tableware’s eco friendly cloth napkins! For more pics of the Missing U quilt, check out our Facebook page!


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