Antique Linens: Love for a lifetime

Have you ever done a search for “antique linens” on Pinterest? If you do, you’ll find what seems like a million gorgeous images for old pieces of cloth that have unique monograms, patterns, textures and, sometimes, gorgeous hand-sewn appliques & laces. It’s truly phenomenal what beautiful elements people used for the seemingly mundane task of wiping their mouths in generations past!

Antique linens are highly sought after at flea markets & brocantes across the US and Europe and fetch commandingly high prices when they have special monograms or lace. However, what’s remarkable to me is how our generation is using these old linens in refreshingly modern ways. For example, a gorgeous pair of pillows covered in an antique European grain sack or how about a DIY curtain made from many linens stitched together? One of my favorite ideas for old linens, though, is a hobo bag constructed of linens, lace & even a monogram… The triple threat!

antique french linens

Image via Design Mom

We hope that the linens you purchase from Chow Bella Tableware last a lifetime & beyond… Just imagine how your own children might re-purpose today’s cloth, tomorrow! Need more ideas? Please be sure to follow Chow Bella Tableware on Pinterest by clicking here!


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